Gregorio Martinez


The stones, which were moved in the Tertiary age by an old dried glacier, correspond to the land where the vines grow, giving them a special character and minerality. These traces of the dried glacier can still be seen from the cellar. There are three different product lines. Reserva and Gran Reserva are made according to traditional production methods in La Rioja; Fincas are modern wines that are made with extremely low sulphites, following a process patented by an oenologist that involves extracting and pumping the carbonic gases produced by fermentation onto the wine at the bottom of the tank; It turns over the wine avoiding pumping and killing bad bacteria, making the wines more aromatic and lively with extremely low sulfites; and finally Monica Selección, which is a combination of the traditional Rioja style with our modern patented method.

40 000 Bouteilles Livrées En 2020
40 000 Bouteilles
Livrées En 2020
Livraison 48h Gratuit Pour 1 000 Kč
Livraison 48h
Gratuit Pour 1 000 Kč
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