Château XX de Corbin


Château Corbin is one of the oldest residences in Saint-Emilion. The foundations of the Corbin estate date back to the 14th century, and according to legend, Corbin was the center of a cliff that belonged to the Black Prince of England. At the time it included all the Corbin properties: Grand Corbin Despagne, Grand Corbin, Corbin Michotte and Haut Corbin. Today, the very old tower from the Black Prince is the only remnant of this glorious past. The current castle was built at the beginning of this century. Corbin was acquired in 1920 by the Giraud family and the vineyard then consisted of only 8 hectares. By 1940, this area gradually increased to 13 hectares. Since 1999 Corbin has belonged to the Blanchard-Cruse family and the property is managed by Anabelle Cruse-Bardinet.

40 000 Bouteilles Livrées En 2020
40 000 Bouteilles
Livrées En 2020
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Livraison 48h
Gratuit Pour 1 000 Kč
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