Bodega Cobertizo


Toni Quiroga decided to start his adventure in wine 20 years ago when he started working in the lands that belonged to his father "el cubano" in Valtuille de Abajo. the basis of this family bodega is 22 hectares. Love for his land and his roots, and respect for the traditions and customs in the heart of the El Bierzo region. The wines from Bodegas Cobertizo are produced in accordance with organic production practices and furthermore, with extremely low sulphites, much lower than the European organic standard limits. Winemaking is rational and sustainable, we get the maximum benefits that this land gives us. In organic vineyards like ours, it is customary to leave a vegetative cover between the trunks to balance the land. We use old vines from Mencia (60 years) in our reds and Godello (50 years) in our whites. When the vineyards are old, they cannot be handled by machines, everything is done by hand.

40 000 Bouteilles Livrées En 2020
40 000 Bouteilles
Livrées En 2020
Livraison 48h Gratuit Pour 1 000 Kč
Livraison 48h
Gratuit Pour 1 000 Kč
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