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Do you want to enjoy the taste of French specialties in the comfort of your home without complicated cooking ?
Taste our offer of ready meals imported directly from France. Discover our range of typical products from different regions such as Coq au vin, Cassoulet, Quenelles, ...
They are cooked from traditional recipes, respecting the old cuisine culture from France.

No work, no long preparation and just as delicious as in a French restaurant. If you don't have time to cook, you usually just need to heat up the ready meals in the
glass and you can serve them in a few minutes.


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ratatouille bio
105 Kč

Provençal ratatouille 520g BIO Ratatouille provençale

Code: 21149-AGI
115 Kč

Basque piperade with Espelette spices glass 520g Piperade au piment d'Espelette Piperade is one of the most typical dishes of Basque cuisine. It is a roasted mixture of...

Code: 211053-AGI
Aubergines à la Provencale
116 Kč

Provençal aubergines glass 520g Aubergines à la Provencale

Code: 211050-AGI
Crozets au Sarrasin 400g
119 Kč

Pohanka crozet, alpská chuť Buckwheat Crozet, Alpine flavour

Code: 4862
Raviolis Girolles & Foie Gras
203 Kč

Gourmet ravioli with mushroom-olive, parsley, foie-gras sauce - glass 350 g PETITS RAVIOLIS, GIROLLES PERSILLEES ET SAUCE AU FOIE GRAS  

Code: 42853VA
Confit Canard de Gésiers 200gr
224 Kč

Duck gizzards sliced 200 g Gésiers de Canard Emincés 200 g

Code: 4205VA2
Graisse de Canard 300gr
249 Kč

Duck fat 300g Graisse de canard

Code: 7805-SDP
Quenelles de Brochet sauce ecrevisse
250 Kč

  Utentic pike quenelles, Nantua style crayfish sauce 350g Authentique quenelles de brochet, sauce écrevisse façon Nantua Delicious, authentic, firm, melting pike...

Code: 42853VA2
Cassoulet Confit de Canard& Saucisse
357 Kč

Cassoulet with confit duck meat and Toulouse sausage 840g Cassoulet au confit de canard et a la saucisse de Toulouse. Discover or rediscover the traditional recipe for...

Code: 4205VA
Boudins Blanc au Foie Gras 200g
368 Kč

French equivalent of mutton with duck foie gras 200g Boudin Blanc au Foie Gras de Canard - Sauce Royale au Foie Gras (200g)  

Code: 42853VA4
Petites saucisses de Toulouse aux truffes noires
437 Kč

Small Toulouse sausage with Périgord truffles (2%) 200g Petit Boudins de Toulouse avec Truffes du Périgord Lahodné malé kandované klobásy, které difundují do vašeho patra...

Code: 42853VA3
Coq au vins mijotées au cèpes
439 Kč

Rooster on Cahors wine with mushroom sauce 600g Coq au vin de Cahors mijoté aux cépes The strong aroma of Cahors wine combined with the taste of poultry, all accompanied by a...

Code: 42110VA
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