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Taste our French specialties from sea fish, lobster or crab. Mediterranean cuisine and fish are inseparable!
And not only fish, but also other seafood like lobster and crab meat or famous sardines.
Taste French seafood delicacies, whether traditional soup with whole fish - bouillabasse (bouillabaisse), lobster terrine or salmon rillettes.


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Croutons Ail 75gr
43 Kč

Croutons for fish soup, garlic flavour 75g - Croûtons

Code: 1083-BMA2
Filets de maquereaux citron estragon
54 Kč

Mackerel fillets lemon-estragon 176 g Filets de maquereaux lemon-estragon 176 g Taste the traditional French speciality of sea fish, which is an essential part of...

Code: 235009-AGI
Maquereaux sauce escabèche
54 Kč

Mackerel fillets in Provençal recipe Escabèche - 169g Filets de maquereaux á l´escabéche Rich in Omega 3. Omega 3 (DHA + EPA) content per 100 g of product: 2,0 g. Fishing...

Code: 235011-AGI
Maquereaux Muscadet
54 Kč

Mackerel fillets in white wine sauce Muscadet 176g Filets de maqureaux sauce Muscadet

Code: 235005-AGI
58 Kč

Anchovy goodness - 90g Délices d'anchois

Code: 455037-AGI
Rouille Web
59 Kč

Sauce for fish soups, 90gr - Rouille  

Code: 7955-SDP2
lososové rillety
65 Kč

Lososové rillety 90g - Salmon Rillettes

Code: 455038-AGI
Rillettes Sardine Espelette
65 Kč

Rillety ze sardinek s espeletovým 90 g Sardine rillettes with espelette pepper

Code: 455039-AGI2
tunakové rillety
65 Kč

Tuna rillettes with Szechuan pepper 90 g Rillettes de thon au poivre du Sechuan

Code: 455039-AGI
Sardines Piments d'Espelette
71 Kč

Sardinky s espelette Pepper 115g Sardines with chilli pepper

Code: 784
Sardines Huile d'Olive
71 Kč

Sardines with olive oil and lemon - 115g Sardines à l'huile d'olive et au citron

Code: 998
Sans titre 3
79 Kč

Fish soup - 400g Soupe de poissons Authentic Fish Soup is made with wild caught fish from the Atlantic. Fish (Condines, COD, Merlans etc), vegetables, a hint of spices, that's...

Code: 5082
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40 000 Bouteilles
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