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The ancient Romans, who most often baked them in red wine, searched for truffles and ate them with gusto.

The most common type, black truffle, is used to flavor pasta, risotto, omelets or foie gras.


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79 Kč

Grilled zucchini truffle flavor Courgettes grillées saveur truffes A rich and delicious recipe, made with grilled courgettes and put in rapeseed oil. Intense and typically...

Code: 5142
Artichaut Saveur Truffe
89 Kč

Artichoke spread with summer truffle - 100 g Tartinable d'artichaut à la truffe d'été Enjoy this original artichoke recipe mixed with the delicacy of summer truffle combined...

Code: 2836-BMA
Moutarde à l'ancienne à la truffe
106 Kč

Mustard with truffle flavour 100 g Moutarde á la truffe Old-fashioned mustard with grain and truffle flavour as a bonus. This mustard will delight gourmets to accompany your...

Code: 670863JG-VA
Oignons à la truffe d'hiver
133 Kč

Onion compote with winter truffle (1%) - 90 g Confit d'oignons à la truffe Here's the perfect accompaniment to your foie gras of goose or duck: thinly sliced caramelized...

Code: 43030VA
Poisson 100 g St Jacques saveur truffe ABM
135 Kč

Terrine of St. James with summer truffles 100g Terrine de coquille Saint Jacques á la truffe d'été.

Code: 246-BMA
Terrine campagnard jus de Truffe
148 Kč

Country pork terrine with truffle juice from Perigord 180g Terrine campagnarde au jus de truffes du Perigord   

Code: 6158VA
Sauce Parmesan à la Truffe
195 Kč

Truffle (5%) parmesan sauce - 170gr Sauce Parmesan à la Truffe (5%) - 170gr

Code: 7229-BMG2
Huile de Truffe
256 Kč

Luxury extra virgin olive oil with truffles Huile d'olive 97,5%, truffe noire 1,5% ( Tuber melanosporum), arôme 1%. For most gourmands, this olive oil and black truffle based...

Code: 1966-SDP2
Petites saucisses de Toulouse aux truffes noires
437 Kč

Small Toulouse sausage with Périgord truffles (2%) 200g Petit Boudins de Toulouse avec Truffes du Périgord Lahodné malé kandované klobásy, které difundují do vašeho patra...

Code: 42853VA3
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